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Social collectives, institutions and international voices are aligned in favor of the debate and enactment of PAH’s Housing Law. Only the Popular Party (PP) and Ciudadanos would support a government veto against this law proposal.

Last January 10th, families organized within the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH by its Spanish acronym) registered PAH’s Housing Law in the Spanish Congress. Should it be passed, this law proposal would end evictions and energy poverty, as well as regulate rental contracts. This proposal is the result of three years of collective work, where affected families from 240 platforms throughout Spain agreed on the draft for a legal text. During the following year the initial text was negotiated with all Spanish MP’s, with the intention to generate a consensus proposal to kickstart a democratic debate among all forces of Congress.

The measures resulting from this process were: dation in payment, regulation of rental prices, a moratorium of evictions, an increase of public housing stock and guaranteed access to electricity, water and heating. All common sense measures which are a reality in the rest of the European Union. However, during this process we found out that the PP-led government has the capacity to veto law proposals affecting the national budget for the current tax year. Faced with this, we included a clause so that any measure needing public expenses would not be enforced until the next national budget were approved.

Nevertheless, we were aware that PP had cheated in the past. They had registered unjustified vetoes that were then endorsed by Ciudadanos in the Table of Congress. Given this fact, we began to knock on every door to explain the need for this law and the main obstacle it was facing. The veto, though a direct attack on democratic life, was also a mechanism unknown to most people. Everywhere we went we found overwhelming support. Those in favor described the possibility of the veto as an antidemocratic atrocity and our law as an example to be applauded. As of today we have the support of:

– Hundreds of social collectives, grassroot unions, neighbourhood associations and social movements which have taken part in demonstrations organized in Spain’s provincial capitals. The last one took place in Madrid on March 3rd, where families coming from all over Spain came to the country’s capital city to demand the debate and enactment of PAH’s Housing Law.

Social movements  from London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Bucharest, Milan, Cyprus, Sarajevo and Lisbon have staged protest actions in front of Spanish embassies demanding that the government accepts PAH’s Housing Law for consideration. These demonstrations have been coordinated by the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City, the Marea Granate (a collective of Spanish migrants abroad) and the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation.

With the slogan #EstaEsMiLey (#ThisIsMyLaw) we have received up to 40 supporting videos from journalists, musicians, artists, television presenters, actors and actresses and citizens’ collectives. Some examples would be Jordi Évole, Rozalen, Àngel Llàcer, Oxfam and the Kellys from Barcelona.

Over a hundred City Halls have signed motions supporting the legislation of our suggested measures.

Political parties of up to 14 Autonomic Parliaments (out of a total of 17) have signed documents of public support asking for this law to be accepted for consideration in Parliament. The Autonomic Parliament of Navarra even made a public statement of institutional support.

– In the Spanish Congress we have received support from the following political parties: Podemos, ERC (Catalan Republican Left), Compromís and EH Bildu. And even though they did not take part in the law’s registration process, both PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) and PDeCat (Catalan Democratic Party) have publicly supported the processing of our law.

– Recently, in the European Parliament, we received signatures of support from two Eurogroups in full: GUE/NGL (Gauche Unitaire Européenne / Nordic Green Left) and the EFA (European Free Alliance), who altogether represent 55 political parties from different European Union countries.

We have even garnered support repeatedly from the United Nations. As of today, the UN has ruled twice that in Spain human rights are violated when evictions without a housing alternative are carried out. UN Special Rapporteur on Housing, Leilani Farha, authored an article stating that the solution to these issues was PAH’s Housing Law. She went as far as describing PAH’s Housing Law as an example to inspire the world.

As if that were not enough, we would like to repeat that PAH’s Housing Law incorporates the demands of a Popular Legislative Initiative that we registered in 2013 in the Spanish Congress and which received 90% of public support from Spanish society. Spanish civil society stands behind PAH’s Housing Law. Social organizations stand behind PAH’s Housing Law. And institutions on all levels demand that this law be debated and enacted. Even voices from the international community have described PAH’s Housing Law as a world referent. In 40 years of democracy it is a historical precedent that a law proposal receives such massive and widespread support.

The only ones in favor of a government veto which would prevent this law being debated would be the Popular Party and Ciudadanos. The parties led by Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera. Faced with this situation, our message is clear: allow democracy to work. Allow a law written by and for the citizens to be debated.

Tomorrow, Friday the 16th of March, will be the last day when the government can register a veto, which would be unjustified. The government has the chance to position itself alongside all the voices that defend PAH’s Housing Law. And should they miss out on this opportunity, Ciudadanos can still reconsider their stance and join that overwhelming majority defending families’ rights. It is simply a question of political will. ¡Sí se puede! We can do it!

#ApoyosPAH / PAHsSupport

The historical struggle supported from Europe

The support for the PAH Housing Law and the fight for a dignified housing does not end in Spain. On the 27th and 28th of febrary, the PAH with representation from all the territories, traveled to Brussels to take our demands to the European Parliaments, with the exception of the PP who refused to help us.The reception of our demands was practically unanimous both for the spanish representations, even the Ciudadanos,as recognized that there was no point in vetoing the discussion. as well as on the part of the majority of the members of the European Parliaments from the rest of the European caountries.

We also met with social movements from countries such as Greece and Brussels where we received a warm welcome that ended with a unanimous statement: «We need the PAH Housing Law in ours countries» A statement that only reaffirms the words of the UN Housing Rapporteur, affirming that this Law was a precedent that serves to inspire the world.

At the same time we were in Brussels, social movements across Europe supported the PAH Housing Law carrying out an action at Spanish embassies and consulates across the continent to bring them a document and obtein signatures of support from ambassadors and consumers in Berlin , Milan, Paris, Munich, Cyprus, Lisbon, Sarajevo, Bucharest. We only have words of thanks for the Foundation of Rosa de Luxembourg, Granates Tides, to all the members of the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and the city

All this is another example of the loneliness of the PP, protected only by Ciudadanos. If we do not overcome the veto, which has a deadline of March 16, we would face an absolute violation of Spanish democracy and a greater evidence of the lack of political height of those who claim to represent the families of this country, but only They worry about the economic interests of a few without taking into account the most fundamental rights and the lives that are at stake due to the violation of these.

Yesterday we showed it in . We have shown that if they do not sit down to talk, we will rise up and occupy the streets to achieve with mobilization and civil pressure to carry out what the government is not capable of doing.

Thanks to all who have joined us in this international show of support for our proposal for the Housing Law. Your support has been key in reminding us that we are not doing this alone. It has been a very successful call and we can not thank enough for the help to promote a fairer legal system in Spain. Changing the housing policy of our country would mean a gigantic victory for our movement and a social welfare for all citizens.

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#HandsOffOurHomes – ¿Qué es la financiarización de la vivienda?

La European Action Coalition está lanzando #HandsOffOurHomes, una campaña contra la financiarización de la vivienda.

La financiarización de la vivienda es el resultado de la expansión del capitalismo neoliberal y su propensión a la mercantilización de todas las esferas de la vida. La desregulación neoliberal favorece al sector privado al apropiarse de la vivienda y transformarla en un producto básico.

La transformación completa de la vivienda en bienes, no solo una mercancía en los mercados inmobiliarios, sino también en los mercados financieros. Esta transformación permite la especulación y la reducción de la función social de la vivienda, como una necesidad social esencial y un derecho humano fundamental.

Además, una mezcla de nuevas leyes y desregulación facilita la posibilidad de que el sector privado financie y permita la especulación.

Contra el poder de las finanzas en la vivienda y en las ciudades. Decidimos tener una campaña de amplia base que habla sobre las diversas formas de financiarización, y daba una gran oportunidad a los grupos miembros para impulsar sus propios problemas. Aunque esto hubo un acuerdo general para tener una campaña de concienciación que incluía luchas locales.

Los bancos, las élites, los inversores y los desarrolladores inmobiliarios se han vuelto aún más ricos, mientras que las desigualdades crecen. Las ejecuciones hipotecarias, los desalojos forzosos y la falta de vivienda aumentan en Europa a medida que disminuye la oferta de vivienda y se privatiza con fondos de inversión. Por otro lado, se construyen apartamentos de lujo y espacios de oficinas que permanecen vacíos. La vivienda se ha convertido en una mercancía.

Las causas subyacentes de estos procesos están siendo descubiertas y denunciadas; la acumulación de capital en nuestras ciudades conduce a la mercantilización y la financiarización de la vivienda, en beneficio del sector privado y en detrimento de los habitantes de las ciudades. Las ciudades se usan para generar ganancias. Se violan los derechos humanos a la vivienda y a la ciudad.

Llamamos a todos los movimientos europeos de vivienda, también a la sociedad en general, a alzar sus voces contra la financiarización de nuestras ciudades y hogares. Exigimos viviendas decentes y asequibles para todos.